Company Name           : PT Berkat Solusindo

Head Office                   : Jl.Impres 18/No.1  Cileduk Tangerang

Phone/Fax                     : 021-73456384 / 021-73456384

History / Overview

PT. Berkat Solusindo is a limited liability company that is engaged intrade, suppliers and installation

instrumentation & Control Automation  equipment, mechanical and electrical parts.

Target operations are oil and gas, geothermal, industrial companies in general, including industrial power plant located in Indonesia.


To be the premier company with best quality after sales service in Indonesia.

We always strive to contribute our knowledge and services to the business partners in the field of General

Industry Automation, Powerplant, including the processing Instrument Control  in Indonesia


Do the right things for betterment of our customers and our employee, always put Health, Safety &

Environment in priority.

In each of its operations, the company must stick to the rules applicable to economic interests,

community, and environmental aspect. Help to preventand to reduce the adverse impact on humans and

the environment.

Contribute to the economic and social development to the community and partner.